this is the dumbest ask in the world


Posted: April 21st
when i'm getting spanked i like it but i can't handle much pain.. but i want to like.. cry from it? How do I toughen up? asked by Anonymous

how the fuck would i know lol

Posted: April 21st
Thought I’d submit to my favorite blog<3 I love Tastycum nwn
I don't understand why you get so hostile? I made a statement about your url, clearly you're trying to compensate for something. did your dad not love you as a child? maybe your mom was sleeping around or maybe you're just a prick. I'm not sure. asked by 7stitches

i forget who you are and what this is but yeah my dad didnt love me. i dont even know his name, haah. hes dead too. my mom wasnt in my life much either and i can be a prick.

Posted: April 21st
Your girlfriend directed me your way on this question. Any advice on giving good oral to a girl? Thank you so much. :) asked by Anonymous

wow idk how i missed this. it’s not something you can really give directions about, it’s just like you can eat pussy or you can’t. love it i guess. that’s the best way.

Posted: April 21st
whats ur theme asked by Anonymous

i forget

Posted: April 21st


the fact that kids feel physically ill and have mental breakdowns at the very idea of going to school should be a clue to some people that maybe something isnt fucking right

this is how i feel every like 10 seconds

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Posted: April 21st

someone fucking talk to me before i blow my brains out

Posted: April 21st

toasting to my accom-i couldn’t even finish that..